Reiki infused Chakra Protection Shawl. A one of a kind garment made with loving intension to help support ones own healing system. Hand made by Beth McKean. Wear it anytime you wish and feel the love wrapped around you.

Each shawl is created with a different collection of upcycled wool sweaters carefully choosen for the garment. You'll see the 7 Chakra colours aligned down the front of the shawl and also the screen printed image of the chakras on the back of the shawl in alignment with ones spine. The entire shawl is energetically infused with Reiki healing by Beth during and after its completion making it cleared, cleansed and filled with light. 


Beth is a Reiki Master and works in Intuitively with her Sacred Design hands on healing practice along side her Hip Chick Design clothing creations. This newer protection clothing line is a meeting of both worlds, the creative arts and the healing arts for Beth. 


Upcycled wool sweater that have been cut and sewn together in a patchwork quilt style on one side. New fleece material lines the underside of this beautiful shawl. Wear it open, wrap one or two of the arms over your shoulder. Edges of shawl are serged and finished with black exposed thread.


Measurements of Shawl (approximate)

Length of front arms: 34 inches

With of front arms: 24 inches

Length of back: 25 inches

Width of back: 38 inches 

Chakra Protection Shawl

Excluding GST/HST
Colour: Grey
  • 90 day manufacturers warranty from day on purchase (need proof of purchase) from manufacturing flaw missed in production.

    Please note that most materials used are upcycled material. We at Hip Chick Design do our very best to make sure material is clean, stain and scent free with no tears or rips before we cut it for our clothing. Unfortunately, this sometimes does not get caught. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to make sure the issue is fixed. This could mean repairing or replacing if necessary.

    Contact Beth with any issues. We will find a solution to either repair, exchange, credit note or if need be, return.