These Protection Shawls are $300 total. A deposit of $150 is initially made upon purchase. Remaining cost, and possible shipping costs are paid upon completion. Choose 'IN STORE PICK UP' upon 1st deposit ($150) to avoid shipping costs added at check out. 


Would you like a custom shawl made specifically for your energy?

Wrap yourself in protection and love like a warm hug with this Reiki infused custom made upcycled shawl made lovingly by Beth McKean of Hip Chick Design. 


Beth is a Reiki Master as well a Master Seamstress. This Protection Shawl is where both worlds consciously collide. With love and light as the truest intension Beth creates this shawl with upcycled wool sweaters with a fleece backing. All materials are cleared and cleansed energetically first by Beth and then cut and sewn together for each individual shawl. New fleece material is used as the underlayer of the shawl for added comfort and warmth. Black serger thread is used to bind and finish the shawl. 


Once a purchase is made Beth will have a brief consultation with the customer either on the phone, zoom or in person. This will allow both parties to 'check in' with each others energy and intension. From there, and a few simple questions asked Beth will be able to create a shawl that is uniquely made for that customer of the highest vibration.


Do you have any clothing that is special to you that you'd like to have added into the shawl? This is totally possible. Please speak to Beth about this during the consultation. Items can be dropped off locally, or may need to be mailed. 


Please understand time is needed to create this shawl. Customers may have up to a one month wait time before completion of shawl. 


Once complete this shawl has it's own Reiki session where Beth places her healing hands above and below the shawl and intentionally directs her Reiki energy into the shawl for the ultimate infusion of it's healing loving light. This energy is now imprinted onto the shawl and will stay with it always. The beautiful soul who chooses this shawl will feel all the benefits, either consciously or even unconsciously. That Reiki energy will be with you always and wrap around like the best hug ever. How great is that?!?


Measurements of Shawl (approximate) ~ One size fits many  

Length of front arms: 34 inches

With of front arms: 24 inches

Length of back: 25 inches

Width of back: 38 inches 

Custom Made Protection Shawl

Excluding GST/HST
  • 90 day manufacturers warranty from day on purchase (need proof of purchase) from manufacturing flaw missed in production.

    This could be upcycled material that is torn, ripped or thin and was not seen by us while creating the garment.

    Please note that most materials used are upcycled material. We at Hip Chick Design do our very best to make sure material is clean, stain and scent free with no tears or rips before we cut it for our clothing. Unfortunately, this sometimes does not get caught. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to make sure the issue is fixed. This could mean repairing or replacing if necessary.

    We guarantee your garment for 90 days after purchase. If there is an issue please contact Hip Chick Design and we will do our best to find a solution for you.