Sizes S, M, L & XL available. Measurements listed below.  

Comes in blue or black fabric hemp fabric. 


We love the shape and design of these new pants. Made from new hemp material and upcycled denim. You can find the denim up at the top at the pockets and also at the bottom of the leg made from multiple shades of blue that have been cut and sewn on an angle to make these pants a true Hip Chick Design. 

The high waist line and hiparea is fitted over the body, then widen through the mid leg and finally tapper down at the bottom of leg. Black elastic waist band along the back help cinch in at the top. Pant length will vary on each person. Pants are designed as a 7/8th length (not cropped, not full length). Measuremets listed blow for each size. 


Hemp is one of the most durable and eco conscious materials out there. I know from expereince that these pants will last a long time based on fabric blend and construction. I've owned many hemp pieces in my life and honestly grew tired of the item before the fabric lost its luster. Thats the miracle of hemp fiber. 


Hemp twill fabric is 55% hemp fibre and 45% cotton

Upcycled denim pieces are various shades of blue cotton denim 

All material is pre shrunk

All pants will stretch out slightly like a jean of jeans


Size Small:  

Length: 35" long

Pockets: 6.5" deep

Width at waist (relaxed): 27" around

Width at hips (relaxed): 30" around

Inseam: 10.5"                    


Size Medium:  

Length: 36" long

Pockets: 7"deep 

Width at waist (relaxed): 30" around

Width at hips (relaxed): 34" around

Inseam: 11 " 


Size Large:  

Length: 36.5" long

Pockets: 7" deep

Width at waist (relaxed): 34" around

Width at hips (relaxed): 37" around

Inseam: 11.5"


Size XL:  

Length: 37" long

Pockets: 7" deep

Width at waist (relaxed): 37.5" around

Width at hips (relaxed): 41" around

Inseam: 12"

Hip Chick Design Hemp Pants

Excluding GST/HST
Colour: Black
  • 90 day manufacturers warranty from day on purchase (need proof of purchase) from manufacturing flaw missed in production.


    This could be upcycled material that is torn, ripped or thin and was not seen by us while creating the garment.


    Please note that most materials used are upcycled material. We at Hip Chick Design do our very best to make sure material is clean, stain and scent free with no tears or rips before we cut it for our clothing. Unfortunately, this sometimes does not get caught. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to make sure the issue is fixed. This could mean repairing or replacing if necessary.


    We guarantee your garment for 90 days after purchase. If there is an issue please contact Hip Chick Design and we will do our best to find a solution for you.


    Please keep in mind many materials that are used are wool blends. Like any wool material this fabric needs to cared for appropriately in washing and drying for the longest life possible.