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Upcycled Wool Legwarmers
  • Upcycled Wool Legwarmers

    These legwarmers add some warmth, colour and expression to any outfit! 


    Colours of these legwarmers are: multiple shades of earth tones browns and greens


    Our legwarmers are made from upcycled pieces of wool sweaters that have been hand cut and then serged and sewn for double security when taking on and off. Each pair are original and one of a kind. Wear them over your boots or under. Pair them with a Hip Hugger, or shawl and you are covered head to toe. 


    Our legwarmers are made with today's woman in mind. There is extra room in the calf area and can easily be worn over your skinny jeans or leggings. All sizing is standard for these legwarmers. If you request a slimmer width, please contact Beth so we can make adjustments for you at no charge. The height can not be altered.

    Our legwarmers will typically sit from just below the knee to the ankle. Remember, measurements noted are with the wool in a 'relaxed' state. This wool will stretch and shape to the leg as needed. 


    Approximate measurements: 

    Length:17 inches high 

    Width at top: 12 inches around 

    Width at bottom: 9 inches around