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With a passion for fashion, art and the environment Hip Chick Design is all about positive energy. Meet Beth McKean, owner and designer. Our humble beginnings started in 2013. As Beth's family grew so did her business.

All pieces are hand crafted using recycled or end of roll materials that are saved from ending up in the landfill. Other new materials that are used are eco-friendly such as Bamboo, Hemp and Linen. A self taught artist and designer Beth believes in staying funky, conscious and comfortable in ones clothing style and choices. These one of a kind creations become wearable art themselves and are made with the modern day shopper in mind who wants it all: Quality, function and individuality.


All items are designed and assembled by Beth and her small team in her Hip Chick Design studio located in Orillia, Ontario. This seasonal clothing line offers something for everyone with our original designs handmade with love and positive intension. 


Why should we upcycle? Because it's essential for the longevity of our planet. If we all can find ways, everyday to reduce our carbon footprint through our consumer choices our children and our children's children will thank us. If we all shift our mindset, one step at a time, our actions will make a positive impact.

The fast fashion industry and throw away mentality is creating massive waste and is actually the number one contributor to our landfills. Making simple choices in our lives such as repairing or mending a loved garment, eating less meat, carrying a refillable water bottle and refusing single use plastic will make a difference. When purchasing new clothing for yourself use the #30wears mentality and ask yourself "will this garment last 30 wears/washes? Will I still want to wear it after 30 wears? If the answer is YES then you've made more informed choice.


Hip Chick Design was created out of the love for fashion as well as respect for Mother Earth. There are so many beautiful garments out there that need new life breathed into them. By sourcing out these materials, deconstructing them and then reimagining them into a more current and desirable design each piece we create becomes a one of a kind beauty. We feel good about what and how we are lovingly creating with the planets future in mind. Our hope is that you feel good about how and what you are supporting.  

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