Lavender comes directly from Avalon Lavender Farms in Orangeville ON


Rest your tired eyes and muscles around the eyes with one of these Lavender and Flax Seed Eye Pillows. With its soothing and calming nature these eye pillows will help with a headache or just when you wish to have a bit less light in your space to zen out, meditate or sleep. The weight of the flax seed mixed with dried lavender flower helps relax the muscles around the eyes. Measurements of the pillow is 4 inches by 10 inches.


We use the same cotton material as the overalls and facemasks. Multiple patterns to choose from. These eye pillows can be used for years. Cool it in the freezer for added relief with a headache. Because it is used around the eyes this item will be FINAL SALE.


Washing these item is NOT recomended. It will alter the flax seeds inside the eye pillow and deminish its life span.

Flax and Lavender Eye Pillow

Excluding GST/HST
  • These items will be final sale due to the nature their purpose and the fact that it will be lying on the face/eye area.